AirRepsGPT Discord Bot
Ragnar Lotbrok
November 20 2023 at 4:37 PM

AirRepsGPT Discord Bot

On 10th November, I embarked on the development journey of AirRepsGPT for our vibrant AirReps community. This endeavor was a monumental task, demanding significant time and effort to elevate the quality of our product. Over the course of 10 days, a total of 33 hours were dedicated by me, being the sole developer working on the Discord Bot itself, to expanding the capabilities of AirRepsGPT.

In this short span, we witnessed remarkable progress, transitioning from version 1.0.0 to the more robust 1.2.22. The relentless dedication to improvement doesn't cease here; we have ambitious plans to continually nurture AirReps into something truly exceptional.

Below is a curated list of some noteworthy changelog entries, highlighting the advancements made for the benefit of our end users.

AirRepsGPT Changelog

Query Limits

  • Users now enjoy a maximum of 4 queries per day, resetting 24 hours after the initial usage.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the bot would occasionally misinterpret replies to its messages.
  • Users can now seamlessly reply to the bot without the need to directly mention it.

Help Command

  • The staff menu in the help command is now exclusively accessible to staff members.

Queries Command

  • Buttons are discreetly hidden for non-staff members, enhancing the interface's clarity.
  • Command buttons won't appear if used on oneself, streamlining self-interactions.
  • The reset button is intelligently disabled for whitelisted or blacklisted users, maintaining system integrity.
  • Moderators no longer possess access to the whitelist button, aligning with user privilege hierarchy.
  • Any user can now seamlessly view queries for other users, fostering transparency.
  • A resolved bug now ensures that non-staff members can effectively utilize the queries command.

Additional Functionality

  • Implemented a sophisticated message-splitting mechanism to handle cases where a message exceeds the Discord message limit.
  • Introduced a blacklist command, allowing administrators to curate user interactions effectively.
  • Fixed a humorous bug where users could whitelist themselves, ensuring a touch of levity in the changelog. 🤣
  • Each user is now treated as a unique thread, optimizing the user experience.
  • Incorporated logic to check for existing queued queries per user, providing a clear message in case of duplicates.
  • Added a reset command for enhanced user control and system management.

General Fixes

  • Addressed a bug where pinging the bot without additional context prompted an unnecessary response.
  • Implemented a new function to process queries, efficiently stripping any mentions. If the length is 0, it returns false.